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Service Guide for immersions

There are many reasons why it may require a guide in the immersions:
  • When you have not dive
  • If you visit a new area and want to see the best sites
  • For security
  • In case you have no diving partner that day
  • Wanting to make an immersion for which you are not prepared (deep, night ... etc)
  • Whatever the reason for requesting a service guide each diver should be equipped properly.
A guide service does not replace a dive computer, or any other security element in an immersion.
So .. if you want to make a Nocturnal immersion or visit a sunken ship and you have a degree of progress or have not done the specialty, a guide is a good option. If you want to make a deep immersion (max. 40 mtrs) under supervision, or if you just are passing through and want a reliable partner, hire a guide service.
Only for certified divers.
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